Wes’ Corner

CuP_2959My story is a somewhat messy one. I was introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ at 12 years of age. I realized my sinfulness and the grace of God through His son Jesus on the cross, and have never gotten over it. It’s safe to say it wrecked me, in the best of ways. Faith has never come easy for me.  However, the Lord’s grace has proved sufficient, and it continues to seem greater the longer I know and pursue Him.

I am married to my radiant, outspoken wife Kristen, and a boastful father of two boys, Colby and Caleb. I am an insurance adjuster by trade. I play the guitar and mandolin, and some say I can dance like I grew up on Motown music.

Over the past 15 years, I have become a student of the bible. One of the biggest rushes of my life is to study God’s word, and try to practically apply what it teaches. I am honored and excited to labor with my fellow laymen to proclaim the truth within its pages to all who will listen.

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