To give a Defense

alex mcfarlandpic1st Peter 3:15 tells us to “honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to give a defense.” The Greek term used here is “apologia,” this is where we get the word “Apologetics.” This is a study in Christian theology that defends the faith. A champion in Apologetics is Dr. Alex McFarland.

Alex has spoken at over 1,500 churches throughout the years. A quick search on Youtube will show the many times he has appeared on Fox News and other programs debating Atheists. He has written several books on Apologetics, including his newest book, “21 Toughest Questions Your Kids Will Ask about Christianity: & How to Answer Them Confidently.”

Alex attended The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He received his Master’s Degree in Christian Thought/Apologetics at Liberty University and received his Doctorate from Southern Evangelical Seminary, where he has also served as President.

It was a true honor to sit down with Alex and discuss some of the basic ideas of Apologetics. Every Christian, at some point in their walk, will use Apologetics. When you are asked the question “why do you believe in the Bible,” how will you answer? This is why Apologetics is so important. In the culture we are living in today it becomes increasingly more important.

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The Laymen

I can do all things…or can I?

phil4In this episode we are starting a new series. We know that people misquote Scripture all the time. There is a danger in taking a verse out of the Bible and using it in a way other than how it was intended. When we misuse verses in the Bible our discipleship becomes misguided. Take for instance an archer as he is looking down his arrow. If he is just a centimeter off in his aim when the arrow is still on the bow, he will be foot off when it reaches the target. That is what happens when we misquote Scripture. It takes us off the path of what is meant by the verse and then our discipleship becomes misguided too.

Philippians 4:13 is one of the most misused verses. “I can do all thing with God who strengthens me.” We have all seen the guy at the gym with this tattooed on his arm. In his mind, he thinks he can change his body into a muscle bound meathead because he can do all things with God. Is that was Paul meant when he wrote this verse to the Philippians, or did he mean something else? This is what we discuss in this episode. How do you use this verse? Listen to see what Paul meant by this verse.

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The Laymen

God, Technology, and Us

TechAuthor PicV2_MHammonds_LO_RESnology is a part of all of our lives. How do we know? You are either reading this on your phone or your computer. If you listen to the show, you probably listen to us on your smart phone. In this episode we interview the author of “God, Technology, and Us” by Marcus Hammonds.

Marcus was  born in Detroit, MI, and went to school at Prairie View A&M University at Prairie View, Tx, were he received his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He later received his Masters Degree in the same field of study. He worked for Pepsi Co where he developed many different innovations in the beverage industry. All this leads us to say, that Marcus knows a thing or two about Technology in our lives. Later in his career he started, a blog that discusses how we deal with technology in our lives.

Marcus felt called to write the book “God, Technology, and US.” Here he puts his thoughts down on how we, as Christians, should deal with technology in our lives. How can we deal with technology in a way that glorifies God and doesn’t control us?

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Can Christians Drink?


Can Christians drink alcohol? Everyone has an opinion for this question. There are two camps that people fit in. One is the John the Baptist camp. John made an oath not to drink. Jesus, on the other hand, did drink. This is obvious from the Wedding in Cana where Jesus turned water into wine. Jesus said that John was the greatest man to ever live, and Jesus is the Savior of the World, so either camp would be good to be in.

The question that is left is: what is the motive for being in the camp you are in? There are some who are in the John camp because of their past. It would be a sin for the person to take a drink because it would lead him down a path of destruction. There are others that would not have a problem sitting down and drinking a beer. The Laymen discuss these camps and the motives that lead people to be in each of them in this episode. Whichever camp you are in, listen and let us know what you think.

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What Shapes Your Preaching Part 2

10301221_10203690901570908_7315361513563479637_n1The Laymen continue our discussion with Dr. Chris Griggs.  This is a discussion on the type of “gates” that determines what a preacher’s speaks about. A good question is raised in the discussion. When you leave church on Sunday morning, what are thinking about, other than food? Are you thinking about how to apply the steps of how to be a better father or mother, are you thinking about how to apply the seven steps to financial freedom, or are you think about Jesus’ grace and mercy. Are you focused on the cross?

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The Laymen


What Shapes your Preaching? Part 1

10301221_10203690901570908_7315361513563479637_n1The Laymen are very excited to have Dr. Chris Griggs as our guest. He is pastor of Denver Baptist Church, and is coming to ask the question, what shapes your preaching? Chris attended Wake Forest University and he received his M.Div at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and later received his Doctorate of Ministry from the same school. What makes this even more exciting for the Laymen is that he is our pastor.

By the time a preacher walks behind a pulpit he has walked through many “Gates.” These gates determine what perspective that preacher is coming from. Is he coming to glorify Christ? Is he coming to seek the lost? Or is he coming to make others comfortable? All these questions are asked as he is preparing his sermon, and it will determine what is said behind the pulpit.

Dr. Chris Griggs is coming from over twenty years of ministry. He started as a youth pastor and then felt called to Pastor a church. He has been at Denver Baptist for ten years. You will really enjoy hearing some of the stories he tells us, especially about his first sermon.

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The Laymen


End Times According to the Laymen

FullSizeRender-2Eschatology is the study of the end times. In this episode we will discuss the end times according to the Laymen. What do we mean by that? We will agree that Jesus will one day come back for his church; this Jesus was clear about. The question remains, in what manner is this event going to happen? For the Laymen, this is what we call an open handed question. The reason this is open handed, is because there are three main views, and these views do not change your salvation.

The three main views are Pre-Millennial, Post-Millennial and Amillennial. The issue within these views is not if Jesus is coming back, or if the rapture will happen, it is the timing of the rapture. In a Pre-Millennial view, it is believed that the rapture will occur before a tribulation, and then the Millenium (meaning the thousand year reign of Christ on Earth) will happen. In a Post-Millennial view, Christianity will spread, and once it has spread throughout the earth, then, Christ will come and reign. The Amillennial view believes that the Millennium explained in Revelation is completely figurative and will not occur.

In this episode we try to give an unbiased view by presenting each of the three views. We will admit, we have a lot of fun debating these views and challenging each other. On this issue we do not all agree, but because it is an open handed issue, we can challenge one another and have fun doing it.

No matter were you stand on Eschatology, we hope this episode challenges you, because then it will drive you the Scripture and force you to study God’s word. All four of us has been challenged, and forced to defend what we each believe. There is, and will always be, a mystery to the end times. That is a part of the beauty of God’s word. Know what you believe, and be able to give a defense for it.

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The Laymen

Racial Reconciliation

CuP_3002For what seems like eons, every time you turn on the news there seems to be an issue with race. Baltimore, Ferguson, New York, even in our own back yard of Charlotte. It seems as a society we are not moving in the right direction when it comes to racial issues. How do we as Christians deal with racial issues?

In this episode, the Laymen discuss how to we reconcile this issue of race. In our own backyard, South Carolina, they took down the Confederate Flag that flew over the capitol for years. What does that flag mean? For many it is a symbol of heritage, but do people truly get the meaning of that heritage? It means something different for all people. Ultimately, what is the perspective of that symbol to the Christian?

Another issue that is discussed in this episode is: is the church a model of racial reconciliation? When we look down the street, is the church as diverse as the culture it is placed in? In most cases, there are white churches and then black churches as you look down that street. How do we as Christians breakdown down those walls that we put up years ago?

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The Laymen

Preserving Life

CuP_2965The Laymen want to start off by letting you know that we are not afraid to discuss tough issues facing society. Seven videos have come out now showing the behind the scenes activity of Planned Parenthood. The question that is brought up is: how do we, as Christians Preserve Life? In this show, the Laymen discuss this tough issue and how we as Christians deal with this heavy topic.

The Laymen believe unapologetically that life begins at the moment of conception. Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” Even before conception, God knew you. Can you be a Christian and support abortion at the same time? This is a tough stance that people wrestle with. There are some who claim to be Christians and say that abortion is not murder. What stance do that Laymen take on this?


Is abortion wrong in every situation? We discuss some worst case scenarios and how we would deal with these situations in the light of the Gospel. One question that was brought up, how would we deal if our wives were faced with a life or death situation?

Another question that we raise is, how do we, as Christians, deal with the information given in Planned Parenthood videos? Are we justified in being angry over how children are being treated in these videos, and how can we compare Scripture with what is going on?
One point that is made in this show, is that if you are woman who finds herself at a moment of crisis. We want you to know that there is help. If you are in the Lake Norman area, here is a link to a pregnancy center where you can find help, East Lincoln Pregnancy Center. If you are not in our area, please email us and will help you find the help you need in your area. There is hope and grace in the Gospel.

One of our own is going through the Adoption process. We believe that is a viable option for any woman who is at a moment of crisis. This is an option that saves lives. If you would like to support his adoption you can follow this link to donate. Whichever One Fits

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The Laymen

Raising Counter Culture Kids

Ken and JoyeIn this Episode the Laymen discuss children and how to raise them in a culture that reflects the Biblical worldview. To help in this discussion, the guys are honored to bring on two friends of the show, Ken and Joye Furches.

Ken is the Community Pastor of Denver Baptist Church. Ken received degrees from Liberty Baptist University were he received a B.S. in Religion and  M.A. in Christian Leadership. He married Joye in 1984. They did not receive Christ until they were in their twenties. After Ken became a Christian he was called in to the ministry. Ken and Joye have been on several overseas mission trips to Peru, China, Sudan, Belgium, Armenia, South Africa and dozens of stateside trips.

Ken and Joye have raised three amazing children who all serve the Lord. Their oldest is on the foreign mission field, their middle child serves in Cleveland, OH, and their youngest works with youth while she is attending college. They also have three grandchildren, or as Joye explains, they are Ken’s grandchildren.

The question that was raised is how do we, as Christian fathers, raise children that glorify the Lord? It seems that the world is teaching our children what is opposite to what the Bible says. How do we protect our children as they go in the the locker rooms and are exposed to what the world has to offer them? We know we need to raise kids that are counter culture to the word. “I taught my son to be a leader in the locker room” Ken explains. This is one of the many reason it was nice to have Ken and Joye on. Not only have they raised children that glorify Him, they also remind us that we do not have to have it all figured out.

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