Bathroom Etiquette

This show is pretty random. The guys review their weekend. Kemp, Wes, Bob, and our friend John drove down to Alabama to support our Berean Media Network brothers in Proposal 16. The guys met up with the Reformed Outlook in Birmingham to help present this Bill to the governor of Alabama. This Bill, if signed in Alabama would make abortion illegal. The idea is that the state can override the federal law like some states did with marijuana. The federal government never stepped in with those states, why would they do so when Alabama makes abortion illegal? Please go and check out the site at

This episode was brought to you by Dangerous But Good. It is an awesome ministry that is all about Faith, Family, and Freedom.  Please click on the link and check them out.

On this episode, we drank Kaldi’s Coffee from the great city of St. Louis, MO. Brandon with Two Thieves Podcast sent it to us. It was great coffee, even Bob liked it. Go check them out at Kaldi’s Coffee. Also, go check out the Two Thieves, one of the proud members of the BMN.

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Please pray for us, as we are praying for you.

Kemp, Shaun, Wes and Bob

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