10 Commandments

In the Bible, there are several types of laws. One type is ceremonial. When the Old Testament explains the Tabernacle and the Temple, they are explaining the ceremonial law. Then there are social laws. This is when the Bible tells us to not to eat shellfish or not to get tattoos. These are social laws given to a certain people in a certain timeframe. Lastly, and most importantly, it there is a moral law that is given. The 10 commandments fall under the moral law. They are true and were to be followed when they were given 1400 years before Christ, and they are just as true and should be followed now. The Moral law given is written on our hearts so that everyone knows that they should be followed.

This show is kicking off a series on the 10 Commandments. There is more to it than just 10 rules to follow. There are reasons for them and they are given in an order that has great significance.

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