Kemp’s Back!

IMG_1277Kemp’s back! If one person could have two contrasting weeks, Kemp sure did. He spent a week on the mission field, and had an amazing time and saw God work in incredible ways. Then he came home to one of the hardest weeks he ever had in his professional career. We spent time listening to his stories and testimonies.

Please pray for our beloved city of Charlotte. We all live about forty-five minutes outside of Charlotte, but if you ask us, we are from Charlotte. It is the city we love, the city we work in, and the city we recognize as home. It is hurting, and so are we. Especially pray for Kemp, whose career is protecting Charlotte.

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Please pray for us, as we are praying for you.

The Laymen,

Kemp, Bob, Shaun, Wes.

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