Christian’s Political Plight

IMG_1277As Christians, we are in a political nightmare. This show describes the Christian’s political plight. We have several options for this election. One, is to not vote. For most of us, this is not a real option. We believe it is our duty as faithful men and women to exercise our right to vote. Another view is to vote for one of the two candidates that we have. One view that is discussed is for us to vote for Trump. Even though we cannot vouch for his character, this view says he is the only true option that we have, because having Clinton as president would destroy this country. The other option that is discussed is to vote either third party or for a write in candidate. Ones who hold to this belief say that they are going to vote for a person they believe has character, and it does not matter if they have a chance to win. Either option you think is best, there is one thing for sure, we are in trouble.

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Today we sipped on West Virginia Mud Beans. Wes got a bag on a romantic trip with his wife to Greenbrier Resort. He tells the story on the show.

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Please pray for us, as we are praying for you.

The Laymen,

Kemp, Patrick, Shaun, and Wes

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