God, Technology, and Us

TechAuthor PicV2_MHammonds_LO_RESnology is a part of all of our lives. How do we know? You are either reading this on your phone or your computer. If you listen to the show, you probably listen to us on your smart phone. In this episode we interview the author of “God, Technology, and Us” by Marcus Hammonds.

Marcus was  born in Detroit, MI, and went to school at Prairie View A&M University at Prairie View, Tx, were he received his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He later received his Masters Degree in the same field of study. He worked for Pepsi Co where he developed many different innovations in the beverage industry. All this leads us to say, that Marcus knows a thing or two about Technology in our lives. Later in his career he started http://bytesandbelief.com, a blog that discusses how we deal with technology in our lives.

Marcus felt called to write the book “God, Technology, and US.” Here he puts his thoughts down on how we, as Christians, should deal with technology in our lives. How can we deal with technology in a way that glorifies God and doesn’t control us?

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