Introduction to the Family: Episode 3

What isCuP_2939 family? Where does the family start? What are our roles has husbands? These are questions that we address in this episode. This is the introduction of
a series on the family. We will have some incredible interviews to come, buCuP_2937t first we want you to know were we stand on the family. Plus as a bonus, Kemp makes a big confession.

The scripture being discussed today is Genesis chapter 2, this is were marriage started. People argue that marriage is older then Christianity, and this is true, but it is not older then God. Ephesians 5:22-25 which discuss the roles of a wife and husbands.

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The Laymen


Episode 2: Laying the Foundation Part 2


In this show we finish laying the foundation. These are issues that the Laymen believe, without question.

1. The Bible is truth and everything we know about God comes from His Word

2. God is Holy, eternal and loving. God is in three persons, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This we call the Trinity.

3. Man is deprived and all men are sinners from the fall. There is nothing we can do to gain back the acceptance of God.

4. We are brought back to a right relationship with God, through his son, Jesus, and the work he did on the cross. It is Jesus and Jesus alone that saves man.

The Laymen asked Shaun to put a link to his ABBA page, where you can help with his family’s adoption.

Once there you can donate and it will go directly to his adoption fund.

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The Laymen