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Have you ever sat down with friends over a good cup of Joe and enjoyed discussing the blessings God has granted you? If you have, you will enjoy the Laymen’s Cup Podcast. We enjoy our coffee, more importantly we enjoy God, and the salvation he has granted each of us. We love to discuss his Bible, theology and oth
er items in the Christian faith that each of us wrestles with.

The Laymen are four men, who love God first, then their wives and children. We have a deep desire to study God’s Word and to live on mission for him. As we study God’s Word, we love to break it down and discuss it in a way that everyone can understand. We are not scholars, even though some of us wish we were. We are normal men with normal jobs trying to figure out how to Glorify God and live a life on mission for him.

Come, listen and enjoy. We are going to share with you what we already do, and that is fellowship with one another over good coffee and God’s Word. You can contact us at Laymenscup@gmail.com. We are on twitter @laymenscup. Look for the show on Itunes, where you can leave us a review. Thank you.


The Laymen

Seeking God’s truth one sip at a time

3 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Thanks guys for opening up your hearts and sharing about your suffering. Especially on what the suffer expects from others. How we should respond. Keep up the good work!

  2. The entire discussion of ethnic differences must start with acknowledging the fact that race is a false and foreign concept in scripture and in human history up until the evolutionists creating it. The one thing Thomas said is true and that is specifics there are a lot of accusations precious little specifics. If we trust and love God’s sovereignty why can’t we trust Him with the ethnic make up of our churches. If we are going to start changing the way we do our music then aren’t we placing too heavy an emphasis on the importance of music.

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